Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Do I need a lymphatic massage?

Lately you may often hear about lymphatic massage. What is Lymph Massage? Lymphatic massage is a body massage designed to promote the healthy flow of lymph, which is done with light pressure combined with a gentle pumping motion in the direction of lymph nodes. Lymphatic massage may become essential for the person having problem with their body's drainage system.

The lymphatic system is a system in the body that secrete interstitial fluid, which collects debris such as dead cells, bacteria, inorganic materials, waste products, fats, protein, toxins and water. Therefore it is essential for the lymph to be transported well in the system, to maintain healthy bodily functions.

Today, lymphatic massage can be found in many modern salons and day spas. Most spas proposes manicures and pedicures, facial, various massage, and body treatment. And they are even provides you bikini wax phoenix or brazilian wax scottsdale. Hemm..... Many women who enjoy and love waxing and said they would look sexier after wax process. A little pain is not a problem. But don't want to be forced to adjust to an aesthetic that embraced by the porn industry about pubic hair. Do it if you enjoy it and tell your spouse “take me as I am”.

Finally, lymphatic massage is also useful for people with sports injuries such as joint pain help your body to heal and recover from injury. Lymphatic massage can be a valuable complement to your regular wellness program.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Childhood Obesity Linked to Stiff Arteries

Children with more body fat and less endurance than their fitter, leaner counterparts have stiffer arteries at a young age, Medical College of Georgia researchers said.

Stiff arteries are a hallmark of atherosclerosis, a typically adult condition in which blood vessels become clogged.

"When children at such a young age start getting diseases only adults used to get, it's like the sky is falling," said Dr. Catherine L. Davis, clinical health psychologist in MCG's Georgia Prevention Institute and principal investigator on the study. The findings were presented during the 31st Annual Society of Behavioral Medicine Meeting.

Using a non-invasive measure of pulse wave velocity, Davis discovered that children with a greater body mass index, more body fat and less endurance had stiffer central arteries compared to leaner and fitter children. Identifying these children early could hasten preventive measures, she noted.

Her most recent National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute-funded study involves overweight or obese 8-11-year-old children, half of whom participate in aerobic exercises such as jumping rope and shooting hoops weekdays after school while the other half participate in sedentary activities, including board games and crafts.

Among a similar cohort of children, Davis also found that regular exercise decreases metabolic risks linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The new study will examine the effects of exercise on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which affects about 40 percent of obese children, initially is often symptomless. But its long-term risk of inflammation and scarring, which can cause liver damage and failure, also is related to hardening of the arteries.

"It's essentially another aspect of the metabolic imbalance these children are experiencing when they're overweight and inactive and is a signal they're at very high risk for diabetes," Davis said.

She already found that exercise reduces inflammation, visceral fat (a type of fat situated between the organs), body mass index and insulin levels. Children who exercised showed improvement on virtually all of those measures after just 20 to 40 minutes of daily aerobic exercise for 12 weeks. She presented the findings at the American Heart Association's Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism Conference in March.

Davis is working with Dr. Sudipta Misra, MCG pediatric hepatologist, to use novel ultrasound technology instead of the traditional biopsies to gauge liver fibrosis.

"A gentle pulse will pass through the liver, and the echo will determine if the liver is stiff (indicating disease) or nice and soft," Davis said.

Davis hopes her research will encourage programs to keep children active and hold lifestyle-related diseases at bay.

Medical College of Georgia. "Childhood Obesity Linked to Stiff Arteries." ScienceDaily 14 April 2010.
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Friday, April 16, 2010

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Online Casino : The first time

Daily works often make our lives boring. Especially for me in the last month, too many things I need to finish makes me very tired. I think I need refreshment, do something that purpose just to have fun. But what to do? I chose something that probably by many other women considered as entertainment for men, Online Gambling. This happened 3 days ago.

Why online? Because it allows me to play from the comfort of my home, something that I can not get from land-based Casino, and with so many online gambling sites on the internet today, I have much choice.

Too many in fact, so that makes me confused which ones actually pay if I am lucky enough to win and which one doesn’t. So I thought I should look for reviews from others who've played a lot or from sites that are making a review of many things related to the Online Casino. And from them I also received information about the casino is currently offering bonuses or promotions. Comparing all the sites offers BEFORE you join a site.

Various Online Casino Games can be found, including slots, instant games, video poker, table games and arcade games. Choose one that you can enjoy and start playing. I chose a video poker. Actually I've been playing poker with friends, sitting around a table somewhere. But this is my first time playing online. And I stopped playing after losing some money.

Online Gambling involves risk and requires a lot of luck if you want to win. And you also must have certain knowledge about how to play and how to spend your money well. So DON'T become addicted or make gambling as the primary source of making money.

Do this just to have fun and be sure the money you allocate to play belongs to you and not loans. So you will not get in trouble if you would have to lose that money.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Low Sodium and weight Loss

People often neglect to think about the sodium content of foods, even if their food may be very high in sodium, which can cause health problems. High blood pressures are most frequently occurs as a result of high levels of sodium in the body. So, while we obviously need to look at fat and carbs, we need to check sodium levels as well.
Not only to maintain our health, because low sodium also plays an important role in terms of weight Loss.

New research shows that excess sodium intake promotes excess white fat mass. The higher your salt intake, the fatter you look because the fat cells themselves enlarged. High sodium intake seems to cause fat cells to store more glucose in the cell, making those cells larger.

Sodium is often interpreted as salt, because salt is a major source of sodium for us. Consuming low sodium table salt or sea salt will be very helpful in this regard. FIND IT. The American Heart Association recommends that for every 1,000 Calories of food consumed, the sodium intake should be 1,000 mg and should not exceed the 3,000 mg limit.

Actually, sea salt in the salt shaker at the dinner table is only about one-third of our daily intake. The rest comes from processed food. But we can control the use of salt sea in the salt shaker, while we can not know the concentration of sodium in processed foods. Especially when we buy foods such as cakes, biscuits and 'take-away' foods. I think the chef of the famous Chinese restaurant does not even know how much sodium content of a plate of food that they cooked and presented to us.

Try to check food labels for sodium because you may not realize how much sodium is in food, especially canned food. Reduce consumption of sports drinks, lemonade, iced tea because they are known to contain high sodium.

For people interested in weight loss, cutting excess sodium is important.
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