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Tips to Start the Weight loss Process

Why do so many people fail to lose weight? What’s wrong? With this articles we try to answer that question with simple tips that we hope can work with you.
Healthy weight loss isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. This is the first step to begin the process.

1. Identify the triggers
Your triggers may different form the others. Emotion can triggers you to eat.
Like bored, depressed, lonely, angry, etc. Knowing the triggers can help you identify the cause and take some action to prevent it make you overeat.

Try to stay away from food when that emotion comes and look towards something else.

2. Set realistic goals
Go slow. Slow weight loss means you are losing fat and not muscle.
If your goal is too high than you will push your mind and body too hard in order to achieved it. The risk is you may do it with wrong way or not healthy. Losing 2 pounds a week with natural way is better than 10 per week with unnatural way.

3. Modify lifestyle
You have to modify your behavior and lifestyle in order to lose weight and keep a healthy one. Maybe this is hard to do, but trust me that you have to.
Many of our habits must be modified in order to make our achievements stay forever.

4. Get support
Joining a weight loss group is a good idea because you will not only have resources available to you and you also have the support of other people. Check with your local hospital or local community to see if there are any weight loss groups you can join.
Another support will come from your family if you tell them what you are doing and about your weiggt loss plan.

Enjoy what you are doing. Make the most of every aspect of this plan and you will find great success.

Share with us your experiences and feel free to leave your comment.

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