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Childhood obesity: Parents Tips

Here’s a few practical tips for you as a parents if you have an obese children. It’s good to keep in mind that obesity is a medical problem. Just as people shouldn’t be judged if they have high blood pressure or are blind. Obesity is related to certain health risks, but the good news is that obesity is treatable.

Remember this two points when you think about helping children with obese.

1. General purpose for overweight and obese children or teens is to reduce the rate of weight gain while allowing normal growth.

2. Healthy eating and physical activity habits are key to achieve that goals. Eating too much and exercising too little ( the general prime factor ) may lead your child to obesity

First of all is try to involve the whole family to building healthy eating habits.
This benefits for everyone, does not only for child who is overweight. Balance the calories in the foods — provide adequate nutrition and an appropriate number of calories. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, low-fat or non-fat milk, and whole-grain products. You can also encourage your family to drink lots of water, limit sugar-sweetened beverages, add more fiber, and make their favorite dishes healthier.

Try to always eat meals together as a family. Eating together at meal times helps children learn to enjoy a variety of foods. Don’t force your kids, but don’t give up and try again, and again. Some kids will need to have a new food served to them 10 times or more before they will eat it.

Be aware that some high-fat or high-sugar foods and beverages may be strongly marketed to kids. Stay away your kids from this kind of foods.

The next step is increase the physical activity.
You must help your kids to stay active. Regular physical activity has many health benefits. Do it with the whole families and make it a fun time. Family bike ride, or a walk through a local park on Sunday is a good idea.
Encourage your child to join a sports team or class, such as soccer, dance, basketball, or gymnastics at school. Help him or her find which one physical activities that are fun and comfortable.

Do not put your child on a weight-loss diet unless your health care provider tells you to. If children do not eat enough, they may not grow and learn as well as they should.

Think about a treatment program only if changed your family’s eating and physical activity not reached a healthy weight or your child’s health or emotional is at risk because of their weight.

Children cannot lose weight on their own. They need a parent who can help them make smart food choices and who will encourage them to exercise. Childhood obesity associated with serious medical consequences, so do your best to help your children.

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