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Eating disorder – Myth and Fact


We often difficult to separate the fact from popular beliefs. This is some fact from popular beliefs/myth related to eating disorder. Read this, because knowledge can help many people to deal with their eating disorder. And remember that it is incredibly important to get help as soon as you notice that there is a problem, and do not feel ashamed to reach out for help.

All diet can lead to Eating disorder. ( Myth )
Though dieting is not synonymous with an eating disorder, it can increase a person’s chance of developing one.

Only teenage girls can suffer from eating disorders. ( Myth )
Anyone at any age can fall victim to this terrible disorder.

All exercise is healthful, more exercise will always make you more healthy. ( Myth )
Extreme exercise is dangerous. Too much exercise is hard on your body
and can cause stress fractures and other serious medical problems.

You can never fully recover from an eating disorder. ( Myth )
Recovery takes a long time, but with hard work and the proper treatment, you can fully recover from your eating disorder.

Men with eating disorders are always gay. ( Myth )
Someone's sexual preference has nothing to do with them developing an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are solely a problem with food. ( Myth )
With all eating disorders, weight is the focus of life. By focusing on food, weight and calories, a person is able to block out or numb painful feelings and emotions. Some use food as a way to comfort themselves. Eating disorders are NOT a problem with food. They are in fact only a symptom of underlying problems.

Eating disorder is not connected with obesity. ( Myth )
Recent years have seen a renewal of interest in the relationship between eating disorders and obesity. Two eating disorders have now been linked to obesity. The first is binge eating disorder and the second is the night eating syndrome.

Bulimics always purge by vomiting. ( Myth )
Not all bulimics try to rid themselves of the calories they have consumed by vomiting. Purging can take the form of laxatives, diuretics, exercising, or fasting.

Bulimia can not cause death. ( Myth )
Bulimics are at a high risk for dying, especially if they are purging, using laxatives and doing excessive exercise. Many bulimics have died from cardiac arrest which is usually caused by low potassium or an electrolyte imbalance. Others have died from a ruptured esophagus.

People with eating disorders do this to hurt their family and friends. ( Myth )
People with eating disorders are doing this to themselves. They are usually very upset when they know the people around them are worried or hurt by their eating disorder.

People cannot have more than one eating disorder. ( Myth )
Many people have more than one eating disorder. It is very common for someone to suffer with more than one eating disorder.

Compulsive eating is not an eating disorder. ( Myth )
It is very much an eating disorder and is just as serious as anorexia and bulimia.

Eating disorders have increased in frequency as a consequence of society's emphasis and preoccupation with thinness. Understand the causes of eating disorder and free yourself from eating disorder for your health.

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