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Obesity: Causes of obesity

Many factor can develops obesity gradually. Be aware of this factors can help you prevent obesity or take action if you already have it.

Carbohydrates and proteins are converted to energy as soon as they are consumed. But most of the fat calories are immediately stored in fat cells which add to the body weight. So the prime cause of overweight is overeating. Overweight is pre-obese.

The other factors contribute to obesity is

Many habits are learned very early in life. Unfortunately our environment doesn’t always teach us with a healthy habits. Food choices and combinations, oversized food portions, fast / junk food, finished meal too quick, food advertising, and so on.
Healthy eating habit is important to deal with in this case.

Inactivity is important risk factors for obesity. If you spend most of your time at a desk or on a sofa in front of you television, your risk for obesity is higher. Studies show people who get 20 to 30 minutes of exercise most days are less likely to be obese. Your obesity risk is even lower if you combine an active lifestyle with a low-carb diet. People who sleep fewer hours also more likely to be overweight.

Health Conditions
Less than 2 percent of all cases of obesity can be traced to a health problem. Some diseases can cause obesity such as

1. Hypothyroidism ( under active thyroid ).
This is a condition in which thyroid glands are unable to make sufficient thyroid hormones. Lack of thyroid hormone will slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. You’ll also feel tired and weak.

2. Cushing's Syndrome
This is a condition in which the body’s adrenal glands make too much of the hormone cortisol which increase fat on the upper body, such as the face and around the neck.

3. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
The production of a high level of the hormone androgens is a common cause of obesity in women.

Emotional or Psychological Factors
Some people overeat (binge) when they feel stressed out or depressed. Some people eat to calm themselves, to avoid dealing with unpleasant tasks or situations, or to dampen negative emotions. If we celebrate a happy event, like birthday, with go out to a big dinner.

Pregnancy, age, sex genre and medicines are another factors that contribute to develop obesity.

During pregnancy, women gain weight so that the baby gets proper nourishment and develops normally. After giving birth, some women find it hard to lose the weight. This may lead to overweight or obesity, especially after a few pregnancies.

As you grow older, your metabolic rate slows down and you do not require as many calories to maintain your weight. People frequently state that they eat the same and do the same activities as they did when they were 20 years old, but at 40, are gaining weight. This will happen. Metabolism slows down with advancing age.

Males have a higher resting metabolic rate than females, so males require more calories to maintain their body weight. Women are more likely to gain weight with the same calorie intake than a men. When women enter menopause, their metabolic rates decrease significantly.

Many people become obese after using certain medicines. These medicines slow down the rate of calorie burn, cause your body to hold on to extra water and increase hunger. Medicines such as corticosteroids, antidepressants, and medicines for seizures may cause you to gain weight.

Obesity in adults may contribute to the rising rates of childhood obesity. Learn about it in the next post.

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