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Childhood obesity : Fight with Fun Game

Concerns about Childhood obesity are extremely common. Today children aren’t playing as much on the streets, or going out to the park, the most popular alternative indoor activities are sitting still watching TV, playing video games or watching videos. Playing video games? Almost all children loves video game and we can use it for tricky the exercises with fun activities for the whole families.

Remember the game titled Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)?
Interactive, innovative and easy to play with some of the hottest music. Including music from well known Disney properties Hannah Montana or hot artist like OutKast and Justin Timberlake. Weight loss is an unexpected benefit of a game designed for dance music.

Find someone playing this game, on arcade machine in the mall, and you may not find a fatigue in their face instead of fun. I've watched the kids play this and there's no doubt that it does what you must do to loose weight. Their body is perspiring like already done a hard and long exercise. If something’s fun, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

Actually dancing is a great exercise to loose weight. This game makes the activity more fun and still work out to hit the target -- calorie burn. And the better way to get your children involved in exercise than by doing something they love.

According to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph in West Virginia, since many students don’t like traditional sports like basketball, football, baseball or soccer, this new game will give the kids a choice.

Play this game at home using one of available platform such as Xbox 360™, Playstation®3, Nintendo™ and Nintendo™ DS.

But I wouldn't recommend it to someone who has sensitive ankles or had any type of leg, knee, or foot injury. Start with the low level/light first to see the effect on your ankles. And be careful not to slip or fall, especially for kids.

Prepare your body for dancing, know your limitations and start slowly. Always be safe. Do your best to fight childhood obesity and its medical consequences.

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