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Metabolism and weightloss

If we are all on a diet, then why the obesity is still the big problem among us? One out of every two people has a weight problem. Why so many diet programs only worked just for a few people and fail for the rest? Have I pushed my diet to the limit? Only allow calorie intake as few as possible, only for surviving. Or do the extremely diet such as dangerous starvation diet?
The answer is no because I think I found the possible reason for that matter.

Our metabolism is the key. Each one of us is metabolically unique. One value -
Fits – for all approach to weightloss completely will fail. Your rate will be different from other people. So there is no answer that will suit for everyone about how many calories is enough to help with their weight loss. The best way is visit a qualified nutritionist who will be able to count/tell you the most appropriate amount of calories. And the answer will be just for you.

Metabolism is the set of constant chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life and only ends when the organism dies. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments

Identify your specific metabolic rate to boost your weight loss.

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