Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Vegetarian Diet : Longevity

How Much Longer Do Vegetarians Live? This is a difficult question to answer accurately, as there are few studies on lifelong vegetarians in countries with electricity, refrigeration, good sanitation, and adequate nutrition.

Become a vegetarian can help protect against the most serious health problems Americans face today, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Many people are not aware that the same deadly steroids that are banned from use by athletes are in our meat.

US Dept of Health And Human Services, did find in a 2006 study that Ischemic heart disease mortality rates among vegans, as compared to non-vegans, were significantly lower in fish-eaters and lacto-ovo vegans. Other studies do not show a difference in the mortality rates for various diseases.

Many vegetarians are healthy and live long lives, but it doesn't mean that those who eat meat can't enjoy the same result. It is not enough to study health and longevity only in terms of being vegetarian or not. There are other important factors that have to be considered as well, such as physical activity, the quality of food people eat, where they live, and also how much they eat.

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