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Calcium and weight loss

Calcium is primarily a bone and teeth builder, and can be found around every cell of our body (mostly in tissue fluid outside cells) as an electrolyte. Calcium is also important minerals for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of the human body. The most recent research shows that most Americans are deficient in calcium in foods and supplements.

Too much calcium intake for a long period of time can cause kidney stones.
And calcium deficiency can leads you to osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, hypertension, and any other disorders. The recommended daily allowance for calcium is about 1,200 mg (in general for adults). Recommendations vary depending on several other factors, such as age and special needs caused by other medical disorders.

The best calcium foods are milk products. Because our body looks like more easily absorbs the calcium in milk and dairy products than from the other food. A glass of milk (about eight ounce) is equal to 300 mg of calcium. Two ounce sardines (with cooked bones) is equal to 240mg of calcium You can find further data published on the internet about the content of calcium in each food.

Calcium and weight loss

Professor Angelo Tremblay, Canada Research Chair in Environment and Energy Balance, and his team have studied the link between calcium and obesity for several years.

Their first findings, published in 2003, revealed that women who consumed diets poor in calcium had more body fat, bigger waistlines, and higher bad cholesterol levels than those who consumed moderate or large amounts of calcium.

A second study showed that the more people reduced their consumption of dairy products over the six-year period examined, the more weight and body fat they gained and the bigger their waistlines grew.

Another data from Science News 2000 Vol.157 No.18 show that women consuming the least calcium weighed the most.

The studied at Oregon Health & Science University shown that subjects placed on a weight-loss diet enriched with dietary calcium lose more body weight than those who eat the same amount of calories but with less calcium.

As a conclusion is as follows, calcium is very important for our bodies. Not only for the people who want to lose weight, but also for people who want to live healthy. Avoid calcium deficiency as it can be bad for your overall health. And just make sure your diet is healthy and contains the right amount of vitamins, minerals and calories.
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