Friday, September 11, 2009

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Fat but charming

Fat but charming We often hear many people who failed in a relationship just because they were overweight. Many people refuse to go out with a person who is overweight. Phenomenon that often happens these days since obesity becomes an epidemic. But what is their excuse?

There is simply because they do not like it or because people who are overweight tend to be lazy. Some people said that a fit body is generally indicative of a healthy mind and personality. Another person said that they are very active and would be difficult if the partner was overweight. There are many reasons for them to refuse.

Whatever the reason is not important, because how do we respond to their refusal is the most important. If you are including in the category of people who are overweight, it is important for you to remember that not everyone had the same thought (will reject you).

Many people out there feel that they cannot get a boyfriend/girlfriend because of their weight. While I do not agree with this opinion, I encourage you to develop your self confidence and don’t be too sensitive to a poor assessment from only a few people.

You can also look for other avenues wherein peoples can find you attractive and interesting. Appearance indeed is to be one element in the assessment, but that does not mean if you look less attractive then the world would end. Your charming personality can compensate for you being overweight. Be smart, warm, responsible, witty and charming. And of course, weight loss should also be in your agenda (to be healthier).

No matter how big you are, you are still deserves the same love and respect a skinny deserves. So, do not just locked yourself in your room and ashamed to go out of the house. Meet the people and you will know that there are many people out there, especially family and friends, who still appreciate and want you. Maybe you'll even get support from them.

Finally, do not let obesity take this beautiful life from you, my friend. You are going to be okay.
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