Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Energy Drink

Sponsoring at sporting events can associate some products with fitness. Their website also features a number of star athletes. Is energy drinks good for you?

It’s not going to kill you. But I think energy drinks are not very good for you. Especially if you drink too much or you chose the wrong product. Because energy drinks generally have a large contain of caffeine and sugar which is not good for your health.

Energy drinks generally don't offer you much in terms of nutrition, but they are very popular around the world.
If you found some energy drink packed with nutrients like folic acid, vitamins B6 and C, selenium, it's not bad. But remember, it won't replace your healthy meal and don’t think you drink it for health reasons.

Energy drink claimed they can increase your energy levels and stimulate your metabolism. Some ads misleadingly imply that their products are healthy by referring to them as good sources of energy or by associating the product with athletes or physical activities. Unfortunately a few energy drinks only offer low energy. An eight-ounce can has only five calories, but it still claimed as a energy drink. Caffeine indeed has the advantage of stimulating the central nervous system, and increasing metabolism.

What about fitness waters?
Fitness waters may be a better choice. You won't get a lot of unwanted calories, and their sugar content is minimal. Some brands contain high amounts of vitamins or minerals, which means if you drink a lot of these waters, you may go over your daily nutrient needs.

But remember that you still can get all the nutrients in these beverages from food and satisfy your thirst with regular water.

Don’t mix energy drinks with alcohol because studies show changes in our heart rhythm resulting from this bad combination.
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