Friday, October 09, 2009

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Food Advertising for Children

We know that our children are becoming fatter, but not everyone agrees on the cause or who’s to blame. Since 1970, obesity rates have more than doubled among 6 to 11 years old children and than tripled among those 12 to 19 years old. Make us as parents very concerned.

Without going to blame one party, understanding the following phenomena is worthwhile.

Today, marketing in schools has become big business. Businessmen see it as an opportunity to make direct sales. They are taking advantage of schools’ financial difficulties by offering marketing their products in the schools as a way for the schools to solve their financial problem.

Almost all children live in homes with a television (about 99%). They spent five and a half hours each day (The average American child ) watching television.
Marketers reach our children through kid-oriented channels. They also can use
non-commercial stations to influence children.

Food manufacturers also sell toys, books and clothes that are advertisements for their products. There are countless books for our children centered on their food’s name (brand). Maybe they want to make eating as a part of reading.

Children are unlikely to recognize advertising because it is an integral part of a program, like movies or games. As a result, they can “force” you to buy product that they want. From my personal experience, I know that marketing campaigns are effective in driving children to request products.

There is a close connection between unhealthy foods to children’s weight. Unhealthy food is food that high in fat and sugar and low in nutritional value.
Our job as parents to protect the children from practice that can harm their health.
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