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Calorie shifting

Try calorie shifting in your weight loss with this actual calorie shifting plan,now. You won't regret it!

The Calorie shifting purpose is to reprogram your body metabolism and get you to your maximum fat burning potential.

Human is born to survive and if our body senses that a particular nutrient is low, it will lower metabolic rate so that the body will use less of that nutrient. So with this way we can survive longer.

How Calorie Shifting work?
Calorie Shifting meal plan is a diet that requires one to alternate the nutrition intake. By doing so, the human body will not be able to sense which nutrient is lower and hence will not change the body function. Therefore, combining with the meal plan and sufficient exercise, one will be able to lose weight.

This diet involves 14 day cycles. You need to be on this diet during 11 days and then you get three free days. Those three days play an important role. It gives you the opportunity to stick to the diet during the 11 days.
If you crave something, you can eat during the free days. You eat whatever you want but don’t overeat. Just eat what you want!

How to start?
You need to determine how many calories you need for the week in order to lose weight.
Use this to calculate your BMR and then find your caloric needs with this formula

For woman
? % of BMR + BMR {20% (if you're sedentary), 30% (lightly active), 40% (moderately active), 50% (very active), and 60% (athlete)} = daily caloric needs

For Men
? % of BMR + BMR {20% {if you're sedentary}, 30% (lightly active), 40% (moderately active), 50% (very active), and 60% (athlete)} = daily caloric needs

Use this example to build the Sifting plan.
1st day 1610 cal
2nd day 1100 cal
3rd day 1550 cal
4th day 1000 cal
5th day 1610 cal
6th day 1050 cal
7th day 1350 cal
8th day 1600 cal
9th day 1560 cal
10th day 1000 cal
11th day 1090 cal
12th day FREE
13th day FREE
14th day FREE

You need to be selective about your food during the 11 days before your FREE day.
You can use calorie counters online to find out how many calories are in each food.
Find your best food and remember to always watch your calorie consumption

By doing Calorie shifting you can avoid your body to lower the metabolic rate and the weight loss effect is more permanent.

Leave comment and share your plan with us.

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