Monday, May 25, 2009

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Learning healthy food for your kids

When I first became a parent, I tried to read all I could about the best foods for my daughter’s health. I learned her early eating habits could have lifelong effects on her personal health and wellness.

I am sure as a parent, we will try hard to make our kids got the best food and nutrition. Unfortunately our kids are bombarded by messages that counteract our efforts.

So, what exactly can parents do to teach their kids about healthy eating habits.

First of all, be a model and they will follow you. Get the whole adult family member involved to doing this effectively.

Make sure to prepare a variety of foods, so your family gets all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function properly. This practice will help your children learn how to make healthy food choices.

Eat meals together as a family as often as possible. Try to make mealtimes pleasant with conversation and sharing. If mealtimes are unpleasant, children may try to eat faster to leave the table as soon as possible. They then may learn to associate eating with stress.

Persuading children to eat more fruits and vegetables
Keep lots of fresh fruits available, and in a place where children know to look when they want a snack. Easy fruits and vegetables to grab and eat on the run.

Serve your kids with junk food alternatives like baked fries, baked or grilled chicken, unbuttered popcorn, baked potato chips, soy crisps, etc.

Soft drinks are highly caloric and not nutritious – kids should have water or milk instead. Encourage your children to choose water as their beverage.
So I think you need to limit your kids’ consumption of iced tea, fruit drinks, lemonade (sweetened drinks), soft drinks, candy, etc

It’s important to be aware of your school-aged children’s special nutritional needs and to help them choose what food is good.
Now's the time to get started on the road to a healthier you. You can do it!

How you modeling food habits for your children? Please share with us.

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