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Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant in our society. Most of us enjoy a drink once in a while, but what is the effect of alcohol on your diet? Alcohol may offer some health benefits, but only in moderation. It can help prevent heart disease. But if you don’t already drink alcohol, there’s no reason to start to protect your heart, as there are plenty of alternative strategies, such as the healthy eating and exercise.

A Few Important Facts about Alcohol

Alcohol is the second highest source of calories, behind fat. The higher the level of alcohol in the beverage the higher the caloric intake is. One gram of alcohol supplies 29 kcal’s. It isn’t as high as fat but not as low as protein and carbohydrates.

Drinking alcohol may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer. However, Dr. Lorraine Gunzerath of NIAAA emphasizes that women should weigh the small increase in breast cancer risk (one percentage point) against the sharp decrease in heart disease risk (40%) resulting from moderate drinking. Also important is the fact that about 4% of American women die of breast cancer while about 50% die of heart disease. Your choice : ………?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes, according to a large-scale Scandinavian study.

The scientific medical research did not find that moderate drinking leads to weight gain or to obesity, although alcohol contains calories.

Several Notes about Alcohol :
Drinking alcohol are common triggers for this loss of control.
Alcohol seems to increase the rate of absorption of many foods.
Alcohol may ease tension, but too much can lead to disinhibition and overeating.
If you want an alcoholic beverage, try to sip it with your meal, not before.
Keep in mind that having an alcoholic drink at the same time as eating an allergenic food will cause a dramatic rise in the levels of a food allergen. This may result in allergic symptoms, whereas eating the food alone does not.
Think about legal issues in alcohol drinking

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