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Exercise Tips

Knowledge is the key in allowing you to make smart decisions and to give you ideas on how to achieve your own fitness and weight loss goals. Every time I think I’ve heard it all, a new diet comes along. Keep reading all related articles and news is the key. Here are some tips to help you to make your physical activity a success:

1. Choose activities that you enjoy.
You could find a lot of resources helping you to find out what exercises you could do in the comfort of your lifestyle. Get a t raining partner will make your workout more enjoyable

2. Set a goal.
Make it specific. How long you want to walk, swim, ride, etc., how often, perhaps even who you will do it with. Set a date by which you want to meet this goal.

3. Next you must figure out what you need to do to meet your goal.
Write down your goal and each action step. Steps may be as simple as buying a new pair of walking shoes or setting your alarm twenty minutes earlier for a quick workout. Review your list daily and check off any steps you have completed. It feels good to see your success on paper! Then add any new steps.

3. Monitor your activities.
Monitoring is quite helpful in keeping up your fitness. It is the first place from where you can know that you are proceeding towards disfiguration or towards an unfit body. Write your minutes in your date book or mark a check on your calendar for every ten minutes you exercise. Wear a pedometer—try to work up to eleven thousand steps each day. Give yourself a special pampering reward when you meet each goal.

4. Do five to ten minutes of warm-up.
Prepare the specific muscles you'll be using for the activity ahead. Start out at a snail’s pace, gradually increasing until you are at your full speed. After you have warmed up, stretch out any muscles that are tight, particularly those that you will be using for that activity. Stop and stretch during your workout if your muscles tighten up.

5. Cool down.
Slowing your pace gradually for at least ten minutes when you are done, until your heartbeat is back to normal and your muscles are cool. This will help prevent muscle cramps.

6. Drink water during exercise
But don’t overdo it. Sports drinks are only for prolonged heavy exercise, to keep your blood sugar levels from bottoming out. Otherwise, water is a better choice.

Listen to your body... Any strains, pains or aches from previous training days need to be looked at. It's better to have a lighter workout or rest day than a four week injury and lay on your bed.

If you have motivation to exercise but you're not sure what to do, consult with a personal trainer or fitness professional may be the best choice to get some guidance and structure.

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