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Thermogenesis for fat loss

Thermogenesis is our body's heat production in fancy word. The normal body temperature/core temperature is 98.6 F.The amount of heat continually produced within the body. Increasing in body's metabolism will increasing its core temperature. It is becoming common for people to use thermogenic substances to help their weightloss process.

Some smart dieters realized that get the body to produce more heat will make that body burn more calories. With more food, not only the body temperature will rise but it also cost a energy to release the fuel in the food.

To illustrate the calorie burning potential of increasing the body temperature, look at an individual with 150 pound weight lying in the bed at complete rest can expect to burn about 1500 cal/day. Other individual with the same weight in ill condition with temperature at 102 F can expect a caloric expenditure about 3000 calories daily ( without leaving the bed ).

Different source of calories exert different effect in the body. Proteins with the strongest effect (about 20%), carbohydrate (about 12-15%) with the milder effect and dietary fat is the smallest with only 3% thermic effect. The simple example for calories from fat is while our body digesting 100 calories, 3 of 100 will burn away in the production of body heat and leaving the 97 remaining.

A person with less body fat experience a greater thermic effect. Body fat acts as an insulator, trapping heat inside the body so the heat can not escape. As heat escapes, the body has to produce more heat to maintain the 98.6 F body temperature by increasing heat production. This means more calories burned. According to this theory, burn calories for an obese person, who carries more body fat and who need more calories to burned, is more difficult than thin person. Ironic.

When calories are too low, as common with many diet plans, the body produce less heat. Whit less heat, the maximum ability to burn maximum af calories subsequently go down.Person who eat low in fat but higher carb and protein will see a good result. Hmm, I think thermogenesis theory like to be in opposition for some popular diet theory such as low protein diet, low carb diet and high fat diet.

Thermogenesis and exercise. When a person exercise, calories are expended. Some for physicsl effort required to do the work, and some are burned away when the body temperature rise.When yhe body heats up by doing exercise, some calories are burn due to added heat production. Some study showed submersing a person in very cild water for 20 minutes burn as many calories as 20 minutes of moderate exercise.So some dieters suggest exercise in cold environments or wear less clothing will bring greater result.

Finally, eating too much calories than the body needs will still cause an increase in body fat, and make a person obese, regardless of a step up in thermogenesis. Total caloric intake still important.

Based on Everything You Need to Know About Fat Loss, second edition, by Chris Aceto.

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